Personal Outcomes

Cransley has given me a belief in myself which has allowed me to fulfil my potential. I felt as though my education was practically tailored to me and my requirements. The teachers were always willing to devote extra time to make sure everything was covered and understood. The environment is one where questioning and challenge is encouraged allowing each student to feel confident. 
— Becky, Senior 5
Eleanor who is now 21 is training to become a nanny at Norland College in Bath and will without doubt do incredibly well in her chosen career path. Who knows what Penelope and Olivia will achieve when they leave,  but what is certain is that being able to attend such a wonderful school as Cransley has given them the things we strive to arm our children with - confidence, independence, a real sense of right and wrong and being kind and considerate to others. When a school focuses on this,  as Cransley does, you get happy children, and happy children become successful adults.  
— Parent of four daughters who attended Cransley.
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Our pupils’ exemplary behaviour reflects their excellent moral development, also evident in their attitudes to right and wrong, and in their respect for the civil and criminal law. Our pupils enjoy the opportunities provided for independent research which assist in raising their awareness of moral issues in areas such as racism and sexism. Pupils of all ages take responsibility well; they provide strong support for charity work and commemorative activities such as Red Nose Day and the Race for Life. Pupils show excellent awareness of others and of their environment, exemplified by their responses to environmental issues in science, wall displays to promote energy saving and a high quality whole-school commitment on the prevention of bullying.

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Our pupils’ spiritual development is excellent. Pupils have strong self-knowledge, a sensitive awareness of themselves and others, and secure self-confidence. As seen in lessons, assemblies and activities, they appreciate the beauty of the school and its surroundings. At all levels pupils feel valued: those in Year 11 show a strong appreciation of their strengths and limitations, and use this self-knowledge to inform their choices for future education. Pupils effectively explore different values and beliefs. They reflect well during each day at relevant moments as their spiritual awareness is further promoted by music and the creative arts.

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Social Development

Our pupils’ social development is excellent. They actively and naturally practice the three Cransley Values - to seek excellence, nurture relationships and venture beyond. Their social awareness is strong. They consider the needs of others, and are courteous in their conduct and demeanour. Pupils make a willing and successful contribution to activities in the wider school community, for example through the development of questionnaires to sample opinion and inform the school council, and through the creation and publication of induction leaflets for pupils new to the school. Our Year 11 pupils willingly accept the opportunities to serve as school prefects, librarians, mentors for younger pupils, captains and ambassadors for arts and sport. They are significant role models, admired and respected by younger pupils.