After Cransley

Preparation for life is the sole purpose of the Senior School - both academically and personally.  Our vocational careers programme prepares our students for the transition to post-sixteen study and our students are always given the support and advice they need to thrive in life outside the school.

A majority of our pupils study A-levels and find success at Sir John Deane's Sixth Form College - one of the very best colleges in the country.  From there, university and careers await... 

We’ll let the pupils themselves, their parents and the Principal of the highest achieving Sixth Form college in the country explain…

Cransley pupils join Sir John Deane’s with a strong sense of identity, an impressive work ethic and the drive and ambition to achieve their best
— Ms Kerry Kirkwood, Principal, Sir John Deane's Sixth Form College
Cransley School helped me to achieve my potential due to its ethos of nurturing young people. The small class sizes nourished me as an individual, through the care and encouragement provided. My learning style was catered for, with attention given when needed but also space to develop. The endless opportunities offered meant that I was able to successfully accomplish my passions, like Project Managing a business and captaining a sports team. My confidence was built, enabling me to have a stronger character to thrive in my next chapter. I loved every minute at Cransley!
— Bethany, Alumni 2016
I was at Cransley from the age of 4 until 16 and loved every single minute. From collecting pine cones at breaktime to sneaking extra apple crumble helpings from the kitchen and having sympathetic hugs in the school office on difficult days, I can’t imagine a different or better childhood. I’m now just finishing my A-levels and hope to study pure Biology at Leeds University in September. As Deputy Head Girl, I always felt proud to be a part of something so unique and wonderful - I think you just have to be there.
— Libby, Alumni 2015
My daughter has just had her GCSE results having been at Cransley since year 4 of juniors. We moved her as she was slipping under the radar at another school. Within two weeks of being at Cransley she was identified as being dyslexic.
The support she had from the school has been outstanding right from that day. The teachers and staff care about not only the performance of the child but their confidence in their own ability.
This has resulted in a fantastic set of GCSE results which are, beyond doubt, so good because of the individual attention each student receives.
The school is a wonderful environment where young people can be true to who they are, confident in themselves and come out with grades which allow them to make choices about what to do next.
We can’t thank Cransley enough for what they have done for our daughter.
— Parent of Becky, Alumni 2017