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Mission and Aims

Our academic and pastoral mission is for our pupils, families and staff to seek excellence, nurture relationships and venture beyond.

As a financially secure, administratively efficient organisation, we seek to fulfil our mission through the following aims:

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Seek excellence

  • Recognise, develop and provide opportunities for the highest possible individual academic effort, attainment and achievement across a linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological, human and social, physical and aesthetic and creative curriculum;
  • Ensure pupils have excellent attitudes to school and self, maintaining physical and mental wellbeing;
  • Recognise and nurture gifts, talents and success in sports, performing arts, hobbies, interests and other pursuits;
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Nurture relationships

  • Ensure excellent facilitative relationships and behaviour between all members of the school family, and beyond into the wider community, for the benefit of all;
  • Provide excellent pastoral, spiritual, ethical and moral understanding for boys and girls;
  • Maintain small class sizes and school pupil roll, with a semi-selective, inclusive ethos, and meet the academic and pastoral needs of every child;
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Venture beyond

  • Foster an independent, reflective, risk-taking, responsible, aspirant work-ethic;
  • Ensure success in achieving ambitious vocational or educational next steps for all pupils;
  • Encourage pupils to be economically, environmentally and socially aware.
I moved my daughter here in year 3 as she was struggling in our local primary. She has had a wonderful turn around for her in every way; she has developed so much thanks to the nurturing , consistent, excellent teaching. The new head is totally dedicated and ambitious and the school is thriving and growing under his leadership.
— Parent of a Year 6 Pupil