Personal Outcomes

The Junior School prides itself on its child centred approach, in a beautiful rural environment where all pupils feel safe and valued. Pastoral care is of the utmost importance to us, whilst our pupils are challenged academically and encouraged to be independent characters and to challenge themselves according to their own abilities.

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We must encourage children to develop an individual spirituality and moral 'compass' in modern life, and at Cransley we do this through clear personal, social, health and economic education, religious studies, themed assemblies, and early philosophy.

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Humanity and humility

Our children must also experience social and cultural understanding through extensive charity-work, competitive sport, musical performance, ecology projects and visits to theatres, museums, places of worship and outdoor pursuits centres.

Venture beyond to the Seniors

When it is time to leave our educational care, we ensure a seamless transition - academic, pastoral and physical - into our Senior School, thereby ensuring continuous progress and wellbeing at an exciting time of their lives.