A wonderful co-educational school characterised by small class sizes, excellent family relationships, cutting-edge educational technology, and exceptional, experienced teaching practitioners, with a passion for their subject and the wellbeing of pupils. 

The Senior School - Academic Study

The Senior School - Academic Study

Senior academic Study and Personal Development

Find out about our curriculum, academic study and approach to fostering independent learning.

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The Junior School - Academic Study

The Junior School - Academic Study

Junior Academic Study and Personal Development

Our pupils are known and nurtured, with a strong emphasis placed on emotional literacy, and secure personal development.

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Cransley Prospectus and Yearbook 2017

Cransley Prospectus and Yearbook 2017

Throughout the school, the pupil’s personal development is excellent. They demonstrate qualities of courtesy, tolerance and respect in all their relationships. They reflect carefully on issues of faith and have strong moral values. At all stages, pupils have a clear sense of right and wrong.
— Inspection Report 2013, and we have moved on substantially since then.
The teaching staff are true educators, which you can tell from the outset and can’t do enough for both pupils and parents alike. Every pupil is treated as an individual with their own teaching plan and the headmaster, Mr. Pollock knows all of his pupils and parents by name, welcomes you with a friendly face and firm handshake which is a world away from what we had become accustomed to!
— Parent, Reception Child
Cransley: Ruddy cheeks, dirty shoes

Cransley: Ruddy cheeks, dirty shoes


Making an Enquiry

As you make your first enquiry, the warm welcoming voice you first hear will be our wonderful secretary Ms Tracey Totterdell.  She will be delighted to assist you as necessary.

If you want to know more about admissions, Tracey will pass you onto Mrs Clare Holt.  Clare has been with the school for several years and well known as the woman who gets things done!  She is also the PA to the Head and so knows a thing or two about him.  Her primary job, amongst others is to ensure that your child's entry into the school is as smooth and seamless as possible - from their first visit to the first months of learning at Cransley.  She will also make sure that you as a family are feeling welcomed and supported by the School.

You can call Tracey on 01606891747 (Option 4, ideally between 10.30am and 11.30am) or email Clare on  Please help her in the first instance by completing this form:

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