Tuition Fees

These small class sizes, individual nurture and beautiful environment mean that tuition fees are necessary.  

We understand that sending your child to private school can appear expensive, but it is worth noting that our fees are less than the cost of a full-time nursery place.

Just a thought...

Junior School

Early Years - Year 3
£2,641 per term

Year 4 - 6
£2,993 per term

Senior School

Years 7-11
£3,724 per term


Each year we offer up to four scholarship awards on admission into the Senior School.  The scholarship categories that candidates can apply for are:

  • Academic Scholarship

  • Art Scholarship

  • Performing Arts Scholarship (Drama Specialism, Music Specialism or a Combination)

  • Sports Scholarship

In the week following the Senior School Assessment Day, candidates hoping to be awarded a scholarship will attend an additional exam or audition depending on the category applied for.

Further details and application forms for all scholarships are available from the school admissions office.

The next Senior School Assessment Day and Scholarship Exams will be held in January 2020, with limited places available.  Enquire as soon as possible, please. 

Telephone: 01606 891747      Email:


The school has established a bursary programme for children who would benefit from a Cransley education regardless of their family’s financial means.  Places are limited so it is essential to apply and return completed Bursary forms prior to any application.

To apply for a Bursary, please contact the Admissions Secretary on 01606 891747 to request the Bursary Application Forms.  The forms must be completed before the child sits the entrance assessment appropriate to the stage of entry.

The level of bursary support offered varies depending upon parental need and bursary funds available, but can extend to 50% fee remission.

The award is subject to annual review and is made on the basis of financial need; any changes in financial circumstances will lead to a re-assessment of the award.  Please note that non-compliance with any term of the offer could mean that any financial assistance is withdrawn and, in this event, the pupil’s parents will become responsible for payment of the totality of the fees including any financially assisted element.

Bursaries and scholarships will be reviewed annually by the Governors and the School.

To apply please contact the admissions office on 01606 891747 or